Does your plan of an exciting vacation mean heading to a life destination and being within the thick of nature? As shuddery because it could sound for a few, for life lovers there is not any larger feeling than being within the wild and observance animals in their natural environs. Luckily, there ar several unbelievable life sanctuaries and national parks across Republic of India that house myriad wild animals – lion, royal Panthera tigris, snow leopards, one bicornuate perissodactyl mammal, blackbuck, red panda, bovid – to form a visit associate vastly unforgettable one.

If you’ve got been dying to urge removed from the jungle and head to the wild, here ar six life destinations that you just ought to embrace in your travel list, that ar straightforward to access:

1. James John Corbett park
Touted to be the oldest park in Republic of India, James John Corbett is one amongst the foremost fashionable life destinations for observance the Panthera tigris. Since it is also a tiger reserve, solely designated aras are open for tourists. it is also its lush surroundings that create the hunting expedition expertise pleasing one. If you’re lucky, you’ll additionally sight leopards, sambar, Himalayan black bear, hog cervid et al.

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Planning a trip to Jim Corbett Park

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2. Kaziranga park
It’s the solely place in Republic of India wherever you’ll spot the one-horned perissodactyl mammal, and that is why it usually options in everyone’s must-visit list. Besides, Assam being legendary for its lush foliage, you’ll get pleasure from the most effective of nature (with numerous different wild animals and birds to spot) whereas living the slow life at the bank of the mighty river.

Nearest airport: Guwahati and Jorhat

Kaziranga National Park | Adventure

3. Gir Forest park
If you wish to sight the king of the jungle, this is often the place to go to. Gir Forest in Gujarat is thought for housing Asiatic lions, that was associate species and is currently heavily protected. aside from the lions, you’ll additionally look out for leopards, hyenas, desert cats, and plenty of migratory birds too.

Nearest airport: Diu

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary and National P
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4. The Sunderbans park
The Sunderbans, additional popularly legendary for its Rhizophora mangle forests, is additionally the house of the geographic region tigers furthermore as migratory birds, mongoose, flying fox, macaques and also the salt-water crocodilian reptile. On bound days throughout low water, you’ll even spot lovely ocean animals on the mudflats. It’s solely accessible by native boats.

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Sunderban National Park West Beng

5. Bandhavgarh park
Situated within the central a part of Republic of India, Bandhavgarh park in Madhya Pradesh is once more a well-liked choose for those keen on observance tigers. If luck’s in your favour, you’ll maybe spot a white tiger and live to inform the story. though Bandhavgarh is alleged to own a high population of tigers in Republic of India, it’s still a protected space. Western Samoan monetary unit is that the most well-liked zone to sight the majestic beasts.

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About Bandhavgarh National Park
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6. Nagarhole park
A popular getaway from Bengaluru and Mysuru, some say that it’s virtually bound that you just can spot a tiger at the Nagarhole park. though Bandipur is another fashionable life destination within the neck of the woods, several like Nagarhole for its lush foliage with pretty waterfalls and streams, and also the Kabini stream. you’ll additionally spot elephants, bisons and different animals.

Nearest airport: Mysuru

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So go on, arrange an exciting trip and revel in the most effective of life.